Battery, energy storage and UPS solutions for oil and gas

Power Sonic offer a comprehensive range of innovative battery, energy storage and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions which have been designed to provide reliable and safe power in the most challenging of environments.



    Deep Cycle AGM

    The deep cycle AGM battery provides enhanced performance and excellent reliability in long duration cycling applications. With oversized negative plates and a specialized paste formulation the PDC series provides constant power for longer periods of time without shortening the life of the battery.

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    Long Life SLA

    With a thick plate design and use of high purity lead, the PG series of 6V and 12V batteries provides a longer design life and superb high-rate discharge for those critical oil and gas applications.

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    Tubular Gel

    With rugged construction combined with an innovative tubular plate design, the OPzV battery provides maximum reliability and strong resilience to high temperatures and demanding environments making it ideally suited to oil and gas applications.

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    Lithium Bluetooth

    The lithium Bluetooth series are ideal for any cyclic application where the battery is difficult to reach. With up to 10 times more cycles than standard sealed lead acid batteries the total cost of ownership can be reduced dramatically for specific applications.

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    Deep Cycle Lithium

    Combining proven lithium technology with an intelligent battery management system (BMS), the Power Sonic PSL-SC range delivers a lithium battery that lasts longer, weighs less, and charges quicker than the equivalent lead-acid battery. The PSL-SC can also be connected in series or parallel for high voltage or higher capacity applications and performs brilliantly in cyclic applications.

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    High Rate Lithium

    The PSL-SH series of high rate lithium batteries deliver more power, faster charging, and longer life at less than half the weight of the equivalent lead acid battery—ideal for emergency lighting applications.

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EVESCO's battery energy storage systems (BESS) have been developed on the back of over 50 years of expertise and innovation in battery and power conversion technology. Designed to add resilience, lower your environmental impact, and reduce energy costs through intelligent optimization. The containerized design is well suited for remote deployment to bring on-site power to locations with little or no grid connection.



Containerized Energy Storage

EVESCO’s all-in-one containerized BESS comes complete with battery, PCS, HVAC, fire suppression, and intelligent controller delivering outstanding performance and a long lifespan. Integrates with various power generation sources, including renewables, generators, and fuel cells for both on and off-grid applications.

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Through EVESCO, we can provide reliable electric vehicle charging solutions. We have the right solution for you, whether this is for your fleet vehicles, workplace staff, or even your utility customers.



EV Charging Solution for Utilities

Flexible electric vehicle charging solutions for all utility company EV charging programs.

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We have a proven range of SLA and LiFePO4 battery chargers that meet worldwide standards.



SLA Battery Chargers

The ACX series of sealed lead acid (SLA) battery chargers are ‘switching’ type devices that operate without transformers. DOE compliant battery chargers.

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LiFePO4 Battery Chargers

High-quality battery chargers specifically designed for lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

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Keeping you in charge with reliable and robust battery solutions

At Power Sonic we design, develop and manufacture an extensive range of battery solutions to deliver the reliable, robust and safe power demanded by the oil and gas industry. We understand the harsh environments and demanding conditions that applications within the oil and gas industry are faced with. The extremes of temperature, shock and vibration can make finding reliable battery solutions capable of operating in such demanding conditions a challenge.

Oil and gas companies and OEM’s worldwide rely on Power Sonic to provide the right solutions to their power challenges based on specific technical and environmental requirements. With decades of expertise in developing battery solutions for the industry combined with the very best technology enables us to supply high quality, reliable solutions to power critical oil and gas applications.

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Batteries for Oil and Gas

With oil and gas fields frequently found in some of the most remote and challenging locations on the planet where temperatures and conditions are extreme, batteries have to be able to operate efficiently and reliably. We supply a wide range of deep cycle maintenance free batteries perfectly suited for use in harsh operating environments and remote locations where a lack of electricity infrastructure requires a dependable, highly efficient power source. Whether operating a pipeline inspection gauge, seismic exploration equipment, a solar powered injection pump or powering emergency lighting and security equipment, Power Sonic batteries deliver superior performance and maximum reliability for a variety of oil and gas applications.

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Custom Battery Solutions

We have a comprehensive range of batteries designed to provide maximum reliability and performance in oil and gas applications. With decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing batteries for a variety of critical applications from telecommunications to mobile power facilities, our team of application experts can provide the right battery technology from our portfolio to meet your technical and environmental needs. If your application has unique power requirements and you require a custom battery solution we will work together with you to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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Complete Energy Storage Solutions

Onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling rigs are frequently located in remote locations and cannot easily, if at all, access the power grid. A clean, reliable and efficient power supply is critical, Power Sonic owned company EVESCO have developed an innovative energy storage system with a focus of reducing power consumption and interruption in the harshest of environments. Our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is an advanced energy storage solution that can operate independently from the power grid and can integrate with existing oil and gas drilling sites to provide the greatest economic value, the system can also be configured to provide backup power.

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Robust solutions for outdoor energy storage

While the majority of energy storage systems are installed in temperature controlled rooms indoors, there is often times in oil and gas exploration where containerized energy storage systems are needed outside in remote locations. The extreme and unpredictable conditions of outdoor installations can affect the reliability and resilience of the energy storage system. With these systems being in remote, hard to access locations where battery replacement and maintenance is extremely challenging a rugged and robust battery that is capable of handling dramatic changes in temperature is crucial. Through EVESCO, Power Sonic have the right battery solutions capable of providing reliable operation in these demanding conditions.

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