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Power Sonic offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality and reliable battery solutions to serve the telecommunications industry.



Tubular Gel

VRLA 2V cells which uses a combination of gel and tubular plate technology to provide an extremely high level of reliability and cyclic performance with a capacity range from 213Ah to 3200Ah.

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Long Life Front Terminal

The PG series of front terminal VRLA batteries have been designed specifically for use in applications that demand the highest level of quality and reliability. The long life batteries have their connectors at the front enabling quicker, easier and safer installation and inspection.

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High Capacity 2V

With capacities ranging from 80Ah to 3200Ah the PG 2V series offers an ideal solution for large capacity battery requirements for telecom applications. Utilizing an innovative grid refining technology and a think plate design the 2V VRLA batteries provide a long service life in telecommunication applications.

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EVESCO's battery energy storage systems (BESS) have been developed on the back of over 50 years of expertise and innovation in battery and power conversion technology and designed for a variety of applications, including renewable energy storage, backup power and the replacement of diesel generators for telecommunications.



Battery Energy Storage Systems

EVESCO’s all-in-one containerized BESS comes complete with battery, PCS, HVAC, fire suppression, and intelligent controller delivering outstanding performance and a long lifespan. Integrates with a variety of power sources including generators, solar and fuel cells.

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We have a proven range of SLA battery chargers that meet worldwide safety standards. Our PC and A-C Series of switch-mode chargers have been built and configured with safety and compliance in mind.



SLA Battery Chargers

The ACX series of sealed lead acid (SLA) battery chargers are ‘switching’ type devices that operate without transformers. DOE compliant battery chargers.

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Power Sonic offers a range of UPS systems that provide high availability, flexibility, and protection for infrastructure, IT, networking, storage, and telecom—delivering constant, reliable power whenever needed.



Line-Interactive UPS

The single-phase, line-interactive UPS delivers reliable protection against data and electrical equipment damage with easy installation.

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Online UPS

True double-conversion online UPS delivers power protection to servers, data networks, medical labs, and computer systems. Rack/tower design from 1kVa – 10kVa.

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Through EVESCO, we can provide reliable electric vehicle charging solutions that maximize operational performance and help future proof your transition to an electric vehicle fleet.



Electric Vehicles Chargers

Many companies within the telecommunication industry run large fleets of installation, maintenance, and response vehicles. At EVESCO, we can provide fleet operators with flexible EV charging that delivers faster charging and lowers energy costs.

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Power Sonic batteries For Telecom Systems

Power Sonic has been designing, manufacturing and supplying battery solutions to the telecommunications industry since 1970, gaining an excellent reputation for providing quality and innovative solutions for backup power and energy storage in both on-grid and off-grid applications.

In today’s modern world, with the rise of smartphones and tablets, telecom companies are offering a growing variety of consumer and business services from cable and satellite TV to telephone and internet. With more and more people turning to telecommunications to stay connected it is more important than ever to prevent network outages caused by interruptions and failure in the power supply.

Whether you need a low maintenance long life battery solution for a central station or base transceiver station (BTS) or you need a solution for a high temperature remote hybrid station, Power Sonic has the right solution for your specific telecom application.

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Front Terminal VRLA batteries

Power Sonic’s PG FT range of front terminal batteries have been designed as a maintenance free battery solution which offers excellent performance and ease of installation. Developed to have a compact design that fits 19” and 23” power supply cabinets and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) racking providing telecom users better energy density compared to more traditional VRLA. Having the terminal connectors at the front of the battery enables quicker, easier and safer installation and inspection making them ideal for base transceiver stations across the telecommunications network.

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Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries

Power Sonic’s innovative Pure Lead series adopts Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to provide an enhanced rapid charging acceptance and a superior cyclic performance in even the harshest environments. The thin plates are made from high pure lead grids and active pure lead material which increases grid conductivity for highly efficient recharge and discharge providing an extended service life making them ideal for all wireless and fixed line telecommunication applications.

The Pure Lead series offer higher energy density making them smaller and lighter than conventional lead acid batteries. Smaller dimensions, lighter weight and front terminal access makes the pure lead batteries ideal for installation in a wide range of battery cabinets and racks. With available capacities of 101Ah to 210Ah (@ 10-hr.) the Pure Lead series are the batteries of choice when long service life is paramount.

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OPzV batteries for Telecom

Power Sonic’s OPzV battery range have a very long design life of up to 20 years, they have been developed specifically for applications that require regular deep cycling. The maintenance free OPzV batteries offer significant benefits in terms of cost per cycle, they also provide the highest level of reliability and performance even for remote telecom installations where batteries are subject to long periods of discharge. The 2V cells give capacities in excess of DIN standards and offer both a high cycle life and long float life making them a truly flexible solution. OPzV batteries are ideal for a wide range of telecommunication applications including cellular base towers, mini-grids and remote hybrid (off-grid) stations.

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Telecom UPS batteries

Power Sonic have a reputation as one of the most trusted names within the industry for battery solutions for UPS applications. Our complete UPS battery builds have been protecting information technology and data for the telecommunications industry, where uninterruptible power is essential, for many years. With a complete line of UPS batteries including high-rate models designed to ensure constant power in high-rate discharge UPS systems and long life batteries that can be configured in multiple strings to allow battery capacity to be matched to the load, Power Sonic has the right batteries for your UPS.

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Smarter Energy Management for Telecoms

Developed with Power Sonic, EVESCO's containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are fully integrated solutions for medium and high voltage grid connection. With fast response times to variations in demand and supply, the energy storage system helps maintain grid stability and ensures reliable, high-quality energy supply response through a range of applications including battery storage peak shaving, frequency regulation, load levelling and power quality. Whether you are looking for a fully scalable micro grid for off-grid telecom sites or emergency backup that provides stable, reliable power and creates new revenue streams EVESCO has the right solution for you.

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Custom Battery Solutions

With nearly 50 years of experience in providing solutions to the telecom industry, you can rely on Power Sonic’s engineering and application expertise for the specific needs of your application. We offer an extensive range of batteries from 2V AGM to 12V pure lead. If you cannot find the right battery for your needs or have more unique power requirements please contact us and our team of expert engineers will work with you to find the best possible solution for your individual needs.

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